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A dynamic organization empowering women through spiritual coaching, spoken word, engaging activities, and transformative trips. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and meaningful connections. Rise, thrive, and celebrate your authentic voice with us.

Join our global travel community, where we empower women to wander the world with confidence!

Our Purpose:

At Seanoras, our purpose is twofold:

to empower women to reach new heights of personal and professional success and to create unforgettable travel experiences that foster growth, connection, and adventure. We draw inspiration from the rich history of Tunisian women, who have long been trailblazers in the pursuit of freedom, equality, and self-expression.


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Tunisian Women :

A Legacy of Freedom:

Tunisian women have a proud history of breaking free from societal constraints and playing pivotal roles in shaping our nation. From the fight for independence to the ongoing pursuit of gender equality, Tunisian women have challenged norms and secured their rightful place in society. We pay tribute to their courage and resilience, drawing inspiration from their legacy as we empower women from all walks of life.

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